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Encouraging teacher engagement with an immersive Webflow website

FAME Michigan Basecamp Webflow microsite image

Project background

FAME Michigan, a professional learning initiative that promotes teacher collaboration and planning for effective formative assessment practice, was looking for a unique digital experience that would immerse coaches and re-engage them with their learning teams.


FAME Michigan


September 2020


Kmotion Design


Lead Designer & Developer



The ask
Create an exciting and fun digital experience that can be sent out to learning coaches that helps and encourages them to re-engage with their team by offering valuable resources and downloads.
Photo of target demographicPhoto of target demographic


Due to the stresses of the pandemic, FAME’s learning coaches have become disengaged and unmotivated to move forward with suggested activities FAME Michigan offers, causing them to not properly communicate and engage with the teachers in their groups. This has caused a ripple effect of disengagement throughout the Michigan education system.

The goal
How might we design and build an engaging and exciting digital experience that motivates learning coaches to re-engage their teams through easy-to-access resources?

Design + build

Built in Webflow
Final homepage that utilizes bright illustrations and engaging parallax scroll interactions.
Modal that allows users to quickly and easily access relevant resource without leaving the page.
No tangible data was collected after the project launch but FAME Michigan saw a surge of coaches engaging with their teams and heard numerous compliments about how fun and informative the experience was for them.

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