UI design

Encouraging teachers to engage their learning teams with an immersive Webflow website

Project brief

FAME Michigan, a professional learning initiative that promotes teacher collaboration and planning for effective formative assessment practice, was looking for a unique digital experience that would immerse coaches and re-engage them with their learning teams.

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FAME Michigan


September 2020


Kmotion Design


Lead Designer & Developer

Development platform


Problem statement

Learning coaches are disengaged and unmotivated to move forward with suggested activities FAME Michigan offers, causing a ripple effect throughout the Michigan education system.


  1. Create an interactive and immersive experience that excites learning coaches.
  2. Provide a clear path for users to get them back on track with their learning teams.
  3. Make valuable resources accessible for users to easily download and utilize.

Final website

FAME Michigan came to us with no specific direction of what they were looking for, other than something that would excite their coaches. While there was some talk amongst their team of doing a simple slide deck, we proposed an interactive microsite built in Webflow that would engage users and provide them a clear direction to move forward with their learning teams through strategic information architecture, resource downloads and immersive interactions.


The results of this project were outstanding with FAME Michigan seeing a surge of coaches re-engaging with their learning teams. The client has communicated that they received many compliments about how fun and engaging the otherwise mundane experience of downloading resources was for them.