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Rethinking the experience that connects shareholders with the brands they own

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Project background

TiiCKER rewards shareholders by offering perks through publicly-traded companies, creating a connection between individual investors and brands like never before. After TiiCKER conducted initial market and user research, they determined their defined audience was tech-savvy millennial women.




April 2022


Kmotion Design


Lead UX/UI Designer


Dakota W. (Junior UX/UI)

TiiCKER (Development)

The ask
TiiCKER wanted a redesigned web experience that catered to a younger audience. Success would be achieved by increased conversions, decreased bounces and strategic content architecture that improves the experience.
Photo of target demographicPhoto of target demographic


The existing TiiCKER website had an extremely high bounce rate due to lack of trust. The look and feel also contributed to this issue with an outdated design that did not appeal to the target audience. Furthermore, poor copywriting made it unclear to users exactly what TiiCKER does and how secure the platform was for investors connecting brokerage accounts.

The goal
How might we rethink TiiCKER’s website to increase user retention, appeal to the defined users of young, millennial women, clearly define TiiCKER and increase conversion rates among users landing on the homepage?


Step 1

Competitive analysis

While there are no direct competitors to TiiCKER’s unique platform, we analyzed popular investment and Fintech brands to uncover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Key takeaways

  1. Clean, modern design that features bright colors and clean typography.
  2. Copywriting is clear, informative, inclusive and accessible.
  3. Most examples utilize strong visual elements, such as bright illustrations and engaging photography.
Based on our findings, we focused on three primary opportunities: strategic navigation with an emphasis on guiding users through the journey, improving content architecture and updating the design to appeal to the defined millennial woman user.


Step 2

Information architecture

A huge problem with the existing website was that the information and content architecture was not properly prioritized to define TiiCKER to users and explain the benefits. To alleviate this problem, we restructured the homepage and navigation to highlight perks users can receive and brands that are partnered with TiiCKER.

High-fidelity wireframes

After concluding all initial strategy work and low-fi sketches, we moved onto high-fidelity wireframes to nail down the content architecture and general layout. Extra attention was paid to the homepage wireframe to ensure the primary goals of the project were being met.


Step 3

UI design

Finally, with all high-fidelity wireframes complete, the UI design phase began. We first refreshed the branding to appeal to the demographic of young, millennial women. The color palette was adjusted to use a brighter green in combination with a dark navy and pale mint. This made the design feel much lighter and fresher than the drab color palette of the existing website. Furthermore, we chose to incorporate custom animated illustrations throughout to surprise and delight users.

Next steps
We will continue to iterate and improve upon the TiiCKER experience by collecting data through mouse flow recordings, heat maps and user interviews.

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