UX design
UI design

Redesigning the experience that connects shareholders with the brands they own

Project brief

Redesign the TiiCKER brand and website to cater more to the defined user of young, millennial shoppers, build excitement around receiving perks for investments and generally increase conversions through content strategy and user-focused navigation.

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November 2021 – April 2022


Kmotion Design


Lead UX/UI Designer


Dakota Wooden (UX/UI)

TiiCKER (Development)

Problem statement

TiiCKER receives thousands of website views each month but is stuggling to increase their low conversion rate. How might we redesign the website to inform and delight users, encouraging them to sign up and use the platform?

  1. Increase conversions among millennial women.
  2. Prioritize important content to inform users about the platform and the benefits quickly.
  3. Build trust in the brand so users feel comfortable connecting their brokerage accounts to TiiCKER.

Competitive analysis

While there are no direct competitors to TiiCKER’s platform, we analyzed popular investment and Fintech brands to uncover strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Some of these brands include Robinhood, Public, Acorns and M1 Finance.

  1. Inclusive and concise copy helps users quickly understand the product and builds trust.
  2. Clean, easy-to-follow content and page flow is critical for informing users.
  3. UI design feels very fresh with bright colors, modern typography and heavy use of illustration.

Information architecture

A huge problem with the existing website was that the information and content architecture was not properly prioritized to emphasize the benefits of TiiCKER. To alleviate this problem, we restructured the homepage and navigation to highlight perks users can receive and brands that are partnered with TiiCKER.


After concluding all initial strategy work and low-fi sketches, we moved onto high-fidelity wireframes to nail down the content architecture and general layout. Extra attention was paid to the homepage wireframe to ensure the primary goals of the project were being met.

Final design

Finally, with all high-fidelity wireframes complete, the UI design phase began. We first refreshed the branding to appeal to the demographic of young, millennial women. The color palette was adjusted to use a brighter green in combination with a dark navy and pale mint. This made the design feel much lighter and fresher than the drab color palette of the existing website. Furthermore, we chose to incorporate custom animated illustrations throughout to surprise and delight users.


The launch of this website concludes Phase I work. While we haven’t yet collected user data post-launch, the new design achieves the goal of appealing to the young, millennial woman demographic and offering multiple opportunities for conversion throughout the website. We will continue to iterate and add features as time goes on and more data becomes available.

  1. Collect data and insights from the redesigned website through mouse flow recordings, heat maps and user interviews.
  2. Synthesize feedback to iterate on the designs and improve the user experience.
  3. Begin Phase II and III work to be implemented over the course of the next year.