UI Design

AIMS Center for Math & Science Education

AIMS is a non-profit organization that supports playful and imaginative approaches to teaching and learning mathematics and science.

Project Brief

Create a new fun and modern identity for AIMS Center. The current branding looks very dated and the iconography is cliché. The new brand should be exciting and represent the joy of math and science learning in children, but still appear like a professional organization. After this, redesign the website to match the new identity. Again, the website should look professional, but have fun elements.

Project Goal

The task for the website was to create a fun, interactive design that still seemed like it came from a professional organization. Another key consideration was passing ADA compliancy, specifically WCAG 2.1 Standards. To accomplish a fun, colorful website while still remaining compliant, I developed a design system that determined what color every piece of text should be to have enough contrast. This allowed me to keep a very simplified color palette for important information that must be read, but still use the additional colors in the palette for the fun design elements. This resulted in a clean and modern ADA compliant website that is still exciting and interactive.

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