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Designing an experience that promotes interactive ways to learn math and science

AIMS Center website redesign screens

Project brief

AIMS Center, a non-profit that supports playful, imaginative and human-centered approaches to teaching and learning mathematics and science, needed a new website that was more approachable and inviting for users. The existing website was outdated, hard to navigate and frustrating for users.


AIMS Center


April 2020


Jeffrey Scott Agency


Lead Designer


Art Pineda (Development)

Young girl laughing at table with other studentsChildren working on electronics project

Problem statement

AIMS Center is  struggling to increase website traffic, inform users of their mission and boost their newsletter sign-ups with an outdated design that is confusing and frustrating for users to navigate.


  1. Design a website that is more approachable and pleasing for users.
  2. Organize information architecture to help inform users of AIMS Center’s mission.
  3. Strategically place call-to-actions to increase AIMS Center’s newsletter list.


When it comes to brand identity, AIMS Center communicated that they were looking for something more playful and approachable that is in line with the services they provide. The final logo is a simple wordmark but utilizes overlapping shapes in the letterforms to create visual interest and add to the playfulness. Leaning into this aesthetic, I created a versatile color palette and a set of brand patterns.

AIMS Center logo designBranding elements, including colors, fonts and patternsChildren playing with stylistic color overlay
Stationery design
Business card design

UI design

Throughout the website design process, I created elements that add to the playfulness of the brand while still following a very simple and easy-to-use navigational pattern. From the offset backgrounds and asymmetrical grid layouts to the bright colors and brand patterns, everything was strategically designed to create a dynamic website that is friendly and gives a strong sense of movement and progression.

Homepage designMobile responsive designAIMS Center desktop website redesignAbout page design
Desktop and mobile responsive website design


While no user testing was scoped for this project, we received overwhelming compliments and appreciation from both the AIMS Center team and users. New website traffic increased significantly and AIMS Center saw a jump in newsletter sign-ups.

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