UI Design

Gary McDonald Homes

For over 50 years, Gary McDonald Homes has been building the area’s most recognized luxury and semi-custom homes.

Project Brief

Create a new website for Gary McDonald Homes that reflects their high-end, custom homes. The current template website has a lot of pain points and is difficult to navigate, especially for their older demographic. Address these pain points to create a better user experience for their users.

Project Goal

The goal for this project was to create a seamless user experience for the older demographic to browse homes and find a home they are interested in. To accomplish this, I simplified the website down to the bare essentials to prevent confusing navigation. One example of this was stripping the hero section of navigation altogether and presenting the user with three prominent directions to take. After brainstorming, we decided these three options would be the most used – therefore, it made sense to remove the other navigation options to simplify the experience.